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At Wollman Gehrke & Solomon, P.A., the legal team has been providing the highest quality legal services to the community since 1989. Attorney Ed Wollman has an AV (preeminent) rating from Martindale-Hubbell, the most respected peer review rating service in the country. With extensive experience in both simple and highly complex estate plans, the firm can provide you with the quality of legal counsel you need to ensure your heirs are protected through your estate plan.

Many young families put off estate planning with tragic consequences if there is an unexpected death or serious illness. It is important to protect your family in every way possible, and creating an estate plan that as early as possible is recommended. Others may have an existing plan or will that is outdated due to changed circumstances. Keeping your trusts, will and other estate documentation updated to your current wishes is important, and an Estero estate planning lawyer from the firm can assist you in any of these issues.

Estate Planning Attorney Serving Estero, Florida

The firm provides the highest quality estate planning counsel to those who live in the Estero area. The attorney can assist you in drafting and filing all the necessary estate planning documents, including trusts, wills, advance directives, and other documents that will protect your estate and your family or other heirs. The firm is also experienced in every aspect of probate law and probate administration, and can serve you in this capacity. Estate planning involves financial planning, and could require extensive knowledge of real estate law, which the firm can provide to you. Whether you have need of a guardianship, trust administration, or are concerned with the various types of trusts or for asset protection, own assets that require a knowledge of art law or high end estate planning, the firm can assist you. There is a great deal of information that could affect an estate plan, including elder law, the need for wealth management through the creation of family trusts or charitable trusts, and other matters that can be explored in your case.

There is no standard that can be applied to any estate; each one is unique, with varying family situations, assets, and specific needs and desires of the individuals concerned. The attorney at the firm will carefully evaluate every detail to advise you of the types of arrangements that could be made to help your heirs avoid problems in the future. Careful and correct drafting of wills is of utmost concern; even the most accurately worded will can be contested, but is much less likely to be successful when there is no vague wording, and all matters regarding your wishes are made clear. The firm is prepared to assist in any and all types of estate planning matters, and can review an existing estate plan for updating, or create a new plan if this will better serve your interests and wishes.

Contact an Estero estate planning lawyerfrom Wollman Gehrke & Solomon, P.A. for assistance in simple or highly complex estates.

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